Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday night

Talked to my friend in Ft. Lauderdale/St. Louis tonight while making beef Stroganoff and doing a load of laundry. This is my friend who has the dog that was paralyzed. Dog is doing fine. Off meds now (was on prednizone to help heal her nerves). His BF is not doing well, however. The weekend before Thanksgiving he was in a straitjacket at the hospital. I don't know whether this was before or after he had a fit and destroyed his psychiatrist's office. My friend says he's a schizophrenic and won't take his meds, but the way my friend describes him, it sounds like the BF has multiple personality disorder.

Tonight, when I had almost finished pulling my work clothes one by one out of the dryer and hanging them on hangers, the dryer malfunctioned and wouldn't stop spinning when I opened the door. Some of the rest of the stuff fell out on its own, but some kept spinning around. I ended up using a heavy-duty coat hanger to knock them loose. I wasn't about to stick my arm in there. I just called the security guard about to tell him about it. Someone could get hurt.

Finished off the Stroganoff with sour cream and am boiling some egg noodles now. I'll take some of that to work tomorrow. This is kind of a poor man's Stroganoff my mother used to make with round steak. I braise it in V-8 juice and onion till the meat's tender. Tonight I used an eye of the round roast that was on sale at Publix for $2 off per pound. I slice the meat into strips, as my mother used to do. This was a popular dish in our household when I was growing up, and I still make it.

I'll be glad when the holidays are over and things are back to normal. I'm taking the holidays pretty well this year, however. Usually I get in kind of an agitated depression. It takes a lot of work for me to keep myself together under normal circumstances, and I find the holidays distracting, and draining. (I'm half-joking here.)

Maybe things are different this year because so much of the year wasn't normal anyway--with the horrible break-up with B., Lucy's sad death which I had to orchestrate because she got so sick*, and the kitchen work dragging on for so long. But now that the kitchen is functional, things are relatively normal now despite the holidays, and I'm happy. I just can't stand all the Christmas shows and Christmas music everywhere and all the hype. Of course I find myself humming Christmas carols. But you can bet I'll be glad when this year is behind me.

Made a big dent this weekend getting the place back in shape after the kitchen project. I think I'm going to tackle my bedroom next, which still has vermicelli on the floor which leaked out of one of the storage bags for kitchen stuff. (Not a lot!)
*She was a cat, but not just a cat. She was my little spirit. Thank goodness I found Lucky. Every day he makes me laugh with his antics. He's very special, and Bootsy now likes him too. We're a happy little family here. It's just too bad the cats don't get the attention they used to get when B. was here during the day, but there's nothing I can do about that.

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