Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Doing laundry and watching "DATELINE: Real Life Mysteries" on TLC. Ho-hum.

Laundry is done.

I'm not a party pooper and do plan on going outside on the terrace at midnight. I wonder how Lucky will react to the fireworks. (He wasn't living here on the 4th of July.)

Watching these shows about psychopathic killers, and having read the article on psychopaths in The New Yorker, helps me to put the situation with B. and the BF into perspective (seriously).

Nice fireworks, but nothing like the 4th of July (it's too late at night). Lucky was watching but would run back inside when he heard noisemakers and a dog yapping downstairs. It was chilly out there. When I came back inside from watching the fireworks, I closed the screen door but left the slider open. Some natural A/C tonight.

A year ago tonight, I remember B. was all dressed up to go to a Latino party downstairs by the pool, one floor below, off the terrace. (I hadn't been encouraged to go and wouldn't have gone anyway.) I even chilled a magnum of cider for B. to take. I remember B. and me standing out on the terrace before he left for the party (we celebrated ringing in the New Year here together with some champagne), and the person now known to be the BF looking up at the terrace, drink in hand, with his piercing, psychopathic glare. Then, when B. went to the party, I observed him hanging out with this guy. Little did I know.

Now I call them Bonnie and Clyde (with B. being Bonnie, of course).

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