Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday night

Not much to report. Got my greeting cards in the mail this morning after going to the doctor's. Work went as usual. Went to the gym tonight.

I've heard nothing from B. since I took him the article on psychopaths, not that I really expected to. And three weeks ago he called and wanted to come over and see his cat, and we spent several days in contact. But that was when he was living back with his mother. It makes me sad when I look at Bootsy and think how B. abandoned him for some psychopath. Also, the cats got more attention when B. was here, since he was home during the day.

I don't think getting back together with B. would work, at least not now and maybe never, so that's not where I'm coming from. I'm just hoping that he'll see the light about the psychopathic, controlling BF. Three weeks ago I saw a glimmer of hope for B. He really loved Bootsy. But apparently the BF tries to get him to forget Bootsy (I suspect drugs help).

Bootsy has it good here. And if B. is moving in and out of the BF's place, Bootsy is certainly better off here than with B. He's been living here for over five years, and cats don't like being moved around.

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