Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fay: Full tilt boogie

Nasty, vicious weather. And this is just a baby storm. Internet was down for a while and the power went out at least twice.

I'm trying to head off to bed but it's really kind of exciting. And to think the worst is yet to come (at around 4 a.m.). I went ahead and closed the remaining hurricane shutters. The one in this bedroom wouldn't lock, however, and I even sprayed it with WD-40. We'll worry about that later. The shutter isn't budging at this point, so I'm not too concerned. I can always have the shutter people come and fix it if I can't.

It's scary to see all that violence going on outside the window, and you're separated from it by thin piece of glass. I could get storm-proof windows, but they can get damaged as well and have to be replaced at great cost.

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