Monday, August 18, 2008

Fay: 'Not so fast there'

Saying "bye bye" was a little premature. Even though Fay isn't plowing through Miami, we're on the strong, "dirty side" of the storm and getting a lot of wind and rain. Our most severe weather is expected at around 4 a.m. , at which time I expect to be sleeping. I've got the hurricane shutter closed and locked in my bedroom.

I put on some shorts, sandals and a plastic poncho and went on a little walk tonight. Starbucks and Jamba Juice had hauled all their tables and umbrellas inside and closed early. Publix was closed. The gym, McDonald's and Blockbuster were open. Flanigan's was open and the bar was full. (I'd thought I might stop in for a non-alcoholic iced tea but I kept walking.) The convenience store was open (got some tea there).

I shot this photo shortly after I got home. You see the palm trees outside my terrace yielding to the wind (always looks dramatic). I caught the bus home, by the way, and the buses were still running when I was out on my walk. The county won't shut down the transit system till the winds reach a sustained 39 mph (63 km/h).

When I got home, there was a notice on the door from the condo association, telling us to secure all items on our terraces. I immediately brought all the light-weight items inside and secured the rest.

Lucky is very curious about the storm and sat out on the terrace watching it for a while. Now he's watching it in this room at the floor-to-ceiling window (when he's not trying to steal my chair). (Lucky walks along top that glass railing. The top's not even flat, as you can see.)

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