Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama speech a winner

See Big Tent Democrat's post here.

The language did not soar. The rhetoric, tone and demeanor were down to Earth.

I give this speech, in this place, at this time, an A+. It was the right speech, with the right delivery that needed to be delivered by Barack Obama tonight. Even towards the end, where change was the discussion point, it was down to earth. And then a quick shift to why AMERICA is great. Of course the end was the soar. But it was just the end. In the live blog I wrote: . . .

This speech will get lukewarm reviews afterwards. I give it a rave, for that very reason. He brought it back down to Earth. He rolled up his sleeves. Even the fact that his makeup is getting a bit sweaty works for him. A little rough. A little effort. A little less cool. A lot more real. This is a winner.

I stand by that.

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