Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lucky progress report

(I won't report on that, since I don't want to jinx it.) Suffice it to say, Lucky and Bootsy are still co-existing and I leave them alone together when I'm at work.

Lucky's favorite playthings are pigeon feathers I find lying on the ground when I'm out walking. He's playing with one in the top photo. (He also likes the store-bought plush leopard balls with the attached feathers, which he detaches.)

Lucky steals my chair at every opportunity, such as when I go to the bathroom. Even if I'm sitting in it--and I usually sit on the edge--he'll hop up and lie in back of me on the chair. I guess it's the best seat in the house.

Beyond my chair is the card table I set up in this room to hold some of the kitchen paraphernalia, like my dish drainer and some dishes and silverware I use these days. (Everything else is packed away.) Tomorrow or the next day I'll make some chili. I store the chili pan in the dishwasher after I wash it in the bathtub. Fortunately my recipe (it's down below somewhere in the blog) doesn't require any use of the counters, such as for chopping. I have no counters. I brown the meat and add three cans of other ingredients, plus a packet of Chili-O, etc., stir and simmer.

Today I heard from the Home Depot kitchen expediter (she left a message at home rather than call me at work as she did on Monday--and I was very nice to her). The application for the general contractor's permit was sent to the City of North Miami today--not Tuesday or yesterday, as the expediter had previously said. (It should have been sent at the beginning of May.) She'll call me back next week to let me know what's going on. I'd like to see workers back in here soon. The kitchen has been dysfunctional since July 2.

With everything lying around in disarray, it's difficult to clean, but I do what I can. I think I'll hire Merry Maids or Cleaning Queens to come in after the new kitchen is installed and give the whole place a thorough cleaning.

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