Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday night

Tomorrow I call the Home Depot District Services Manager and see what he has to say about the kitchen situation. Another week or so and I'll have been without a kitchen for two months. It's putting me off and getting me down. Plus I have the new kitchen cabinets sitting in the living room and all my kitchen stuff packed away. It's pretty bad. (The cabinets have been sitting in the living room, displacing my furniture, for longer than the kitchen has been demolished.)

For what I spent last night on going out, I'd have to say the net gain on my happiness index was negative, so I've been a little down today (and the beer at Jamboree, which is a beer bar, gave me a slight hangover). I was extremely disappointed I didn't run into anyone I know. I have to say (again) I miss going to my local place that closed and talking with people I know.

Having a negative experience also brought to mind the good times B. and I once had, which bummed me out more. I do miss him. Tonight I felt like walking over to his restaurant and saying hello, but I had to do laundry. He's with someone else now, so what's the point? I would just look like a fool. Maybe I'll do it anyway. I still care about him and am concerned about the situation he's in now.

(I drove back down to Jamboree at around T-Dance time (8:00), thinking the locals might be out, and they had one customer. I had one beer and left.)

Well, I have my little cat family to go back to.

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