Sunday, August 17, 2008

'It's Me or the Dog'

Good show on Animal Planet. Glad I have cats, but they have their quirks, too (as well we know here). It irks me that some people think cats are somehow superior to dogs. I think it says more about the people who think that than about cats or dogs. (I love both.)

Cats are not pack animals, like dogs. They live more solitary lives, but they're no less loving or devoted to their human provider. Plus (what's important to me) they don't smell and have to be bathed once a week. And they don't need to be taken outside to relieve themselves (and catch fleas and ticks). I'd rather clean out a cat box.

A friend of mine (now deceased) never liked cats (mine included) until by happenstance he got a kitten of his own and raised her. (He found the kitten in the parking lot where he worked on a rainy day and took her home.) She became his pride and joy and was well provided for up to and following my friend's death.

I was raised with a dog myself (and had to bathe him) and never really cared much for cats until I got my own and raised her, and we became fast friends for life.

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