Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday night

As you can see, I don't have much interest in this convention. I've watched hardly any of it. I trust my favorite bloggers and some members of the news media to fill me in. Ever since Obama didn't choose Hillary for vice president, I haven't much cared. I'll vote for him but I'm not enthused. I just hope he wins. I would have preferred eight years of Hillary and then eight years of Obama, when he had more experience. But I think he can win. I think it would have been a shoo-in with Hillary as vice president.

Tonight I took a nap and then walked down to Walgreen's at around 9:00. I didn't really need to buy new plush balls for Lucky, but I thought the walk would do me good (and bought some anyway). I've been gaining a little weight since people said I was starting to look too skinny (down to 164 lbs. (74.4 kg)). (I'd been losing weight on purpose and can now fit back into some clothes.) So I've put back on 5-6 lbs. but now need to keep it there.

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