Thursday, August 07, 2008


Still no word from Home Depot. I think I'll call the store tomorrow and try to talk to the designer, if she's on duty. The reason I decided to do this remodel through Home Depot is that there's a store right down the street, and it's very convenient for me to go there. There's even a bus stop there in case I need to stop in after work.

The cats continue to get along better. I'm not going to worry about them anymore. I think I'll also discontinue the cat box in my bedroom. Lucky, being a kitten still, likes to play in it and has strewn litter all over the floor. (I had been keeping the box in my bathroom, but I closed off the bathroom at one point so as not to give Bootsy the opportunity to corner Lucky in there and start a fight.) Meanwhile I have two litter boxes in a hall closet in the main part of the house, which I think are sufficient. Lucky uses them also. I'll just vacuum up the strewn litter with my electric broom and put it back in the cat boxes. (There's a lot of it, so I'm not going to waste it.)

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