Sunday, August 10, 2008

'"Gay Street" Keeping Its Name'

Advocate story here.

A request made by Second Baptist Church of San Antonio to change the name of Gay Street, which runs adjacent to the church’s property, was denied by the city council on Thursday, reports WOAI TV.

The church wanted to rename the street “Second Baptist Way” in a supposed effort to reach out to the community. Many involved, though -- including attorney Rosie Gonzales, who participated in the hearing -- suspect the reason for the request had more to do with the controversial existing name than it did with outreach efforts.

Gay Street was named after a prominent community activist, and those who live on the street and in the general area have requested the street keep its name as a tribute.

At the hearing at City Hall on Thursday, the request was ultimately denied by a nearly unanimous vote. According to WOAI, city councilwoman Sheila McNeil requested that the name change be denied, and the council agreed.

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