Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday night

Today was the first Saturday since Eric left that I haven't felt like I was drifting in a dark void, with the only light (and lifeline) coming from the TV. (I'm one of those spatial synesthesia people.)

Today I went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change but first stopped to get some gas and put air in my tires (which at one point, during a driving rain, I was doing holding an umbrella). While waiting for my truck at the Jiffy Lube, there was someone in there who was almost a dead ringer for Carter Oosterhouse on HGTV, down to the long hair and all.

When I got home, I saw that my dracaena on the terrace had been blown over and its pot broken. (We have hurricanes in the area.) So I repotted it in a spare pot I had, and while I was at it repotted a ponytail palm I'd been meaning to repot for months. (I really hate fussing with plants.) I also swept out there. Now I'm washing the throw rugs and won't be putting them back out on the terrace. The cats don't need them and they get wet.

Had dinner at Flanigan's, then had a Jamba Juice and a coffee under the overhang at Starbucks, waiting for the bottom to drop out of the sky, but it never did (and still hasn't).

Later I drove to the store and bought a load of groceries--cat food mainly.

Maybe I'm in a better mood knowing that the kitchen project is being watched over by the Home Depot district services manager, rather than languishing in the hands of the ditzes who've made such a mess of it so far.

Lucky wants to go back out on the terrace. Today he was out there, sitting on the ledge. I'm afraid he'll get blown off, so he's staying in for the night. Also, they close the pool deck (one floor below the terrace) at 11:00 and if he were to fall off, it would be a real hassle trying to get him back, and he might get hurt and/or traumatized besides.

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