Sunday, August 17, 2008

Latest on Fay

It appears this storm will miss Miami, but we're still in the cone of probability. At any rate, we'll get some bad weather (but we can always use the rain).

I've got my hurricane shutters, so I'm not that concerned. The worst scenario for me would be going without electricity for days on end, but this neighborhood seems to get power restored fairly quickly. After Wilma, our power was restored in maybe two or three days. It took longer for Andrew, as I recall. There's not much to do when you don't have electricity, plus it's hot and fans don't work (much less the A/C). We would sit and listen to the radio for hours on end, waiting for the power to come back on.

Andrew was supposed to hit here (Dade/Broward county line) and ended up hitting South Dade instead. At the time, I lived on the first floor of four-plex that sat right on Arch Creek and was prepared for a flood. Instead we lost a lot of trees and roof tiles. (D. and I watched a 50-ft. ficus in my backyard topple onto the roof of the place next door.)

We had a lot of hurricanes when I was growing up here. I remember one of them inundated Key Biscayne and killed all the lawns (and probably a lot of the other plant life, but I remember the brown lawns once the water had subsided and we could pile in the car and driver over there to gawk).

I would just as soon not live on an island here, although I did live on South Beach for a while. Still it's nice having a view of the water.

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