Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bootsy's check-up

Good news. Bootsy's basically doing just fine. And he's 7-8 years old. (I had no idea how old he was.)

He's a little overweight (>17 lbs.) and does have ear problems that can be treated. Today she packed his ears with some kind of thick ointment and wants to see him again in two weeks. (They did ear and stool tests on the spot. No ear mites or worms.) They also took blood for a complete profile, and the doctor will call me with results on Monday. This blood test was the costliest item ($98) on the bill, which came to a total of $279. That's 10 nice dinners at Flanigan's, but that's OK. I really wanted to do have this done. (And now that I'm cooking again in the new kitchen, I'm not dining at Flanigan's these days.)

They said it took three people to hold Bootsy down while they were taking the blood. (They did it in another room, not in front of me.) (I'd told them good luck.)

I'll be cutting back on the canned cat food. The doctor said that since Bootsy is on the heavy side, he has trouble grooming himself and I should bathe him. But not for two weeks, while the salve is working in his ears.

He also got a shot of anti-inflammatory and a shot of antibiotics for his sinus congestion. (Although he didn't have an attack at the vet's, she said she could hear it.) I guess the blood profile will reveal whether he has any infections.

She said his heart and lungs sounded fine. She also palpated him all over (he didn't like that).

Of course he was complaining the whole way to the vet's and back, but he's no doubt glad to be home. I feel relieved myself. I'd been worried about him for a while. I'm glad I did it. And glad to know he's OK. I'll have to tell B.

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