Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday night

I must be getting out of my funk. Tonight I went out to the nearest gay bar (Magnum) and had a beer. First I drove by my old watering hole up on West Dixie just to see what's going on there. The last time I drove by it (the Dixie Lounge), I parked and tried the door but it was locked. Tonight the place was back in business. I noticed they put some neon up on the building, a man and a woman dancing. Apparently they are appealing to a black straight crowd, since they had signs by the door showing a well attired black male customer and two poorly attired black male customers inside a red circle with a diagonal line across it. There were also two (of the same) long lists of "no's" (including no baggy pants and no smoking). I did get out of the truck and walk up to examine the signs. At a distance, I'd thought the two guys in the red "no" circle meant no gays, but it was just two guys with their pants falling down (and gays weren't on the "no" list). I saw a young black woman go inside (attired somewhat questionably), so the place was open.

Magnum was fairly busy. They had a piano player playing show tunes and lots of patrons were singing. The little outside bar was busy but the covered seating area was empty. I sat there on a couch and drank my beer and left.

I also cleaned out my truck today. Hadn't done that since before B. left (and he'd been the one to do it). I'm not much of a cleaner.

I was over at Starbucks earlier and grabbed a smoothie at Jamba Juice also. I must have sat there for almost an hour and a half, reading. I also had a turkey and Swiss sandwich from Starbucks. (So I had dinner there.) When I was walking back to my building, I noticed a black Hummer sitting in the porte-cochere. Looked like B.'s BF's (and probably was--since he visits the building). I wasn't able to see the license plate, however, before it drove off down Biscayne. Every time I see that thing I cringe.

[Later] Watching "Color Splash." David Bromstad just said he's bought a condo in Miami and is in the process of decorating it. It's the first place he's owned. I would have thought he'd buy a place in San Francisco, where he lives and where his show originates, but I'm sure he got a great deal here, in this depressed market. And his family is here.

I have to be at work at 1:00 tomorrow. I'll drive down there and stop at Checkers for chili cheese dogs along the way.

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