Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday night

Bootsy still has a cold, but he's in a good mood. Stays in bed a lot, though. No doubt he's eating less and losing weight, but he's supposed to lose some weight anyway. I'm monitoring him closely.

Shepard Fairey (Obama "Hope" artist) is on Rachel Maddow tonight. (I did a post on him a while back.) I'll post the video of the interview.

I never thought I'd get out of work on time today, but I did. Was glad to find Bootsy OK, if still under the weather. He came out and ate canned food. I took a nap and was back at the gym and the store. I was ravenously hungry after the workout and just had to get some Publix fried chicken. (Hadn't bought it in a while.) Chowed down in the truck before I left the parking lot. Will share with Bootsy.

Bootsy is sneezing. Let me check on him.

I took him off my bed and brought him into the kitchen and opened a can of urinary-tract cat food. (I'd push fresh water down earlier.) He drank and is now eating, as is Lucky.

Maybe I stressed Bootsy out so much by taking him to the vet's that his immune system was compromised and he caught this cold.

Right now he's sitting at my feet here in the computer room. Lucky's sitting nearby.

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