Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday night

Watching "Dr. 90210" right now. I, as a gay person perhaps, find it peculiar how for the TV viewer's "benefit" they obliterate the areola and nipples on women who are getting plastic surgery. (Maybe Lesbians would understand.) While I can appreciate beauty and proportion, etc., women's breasts don't do a thing for me, and I'm certainly not offended (much less aroused) by seeing them. I think this is all rather prudish. If I were watching a medical program that showed naked men, I would expect to see all the parts and not have, say, the groin area blocked out, especially if they were doing an operation on that area. And I would never get any kind of reaction by seeing all of it (it wouldn't "make my naughty parts tingle," as the Church Lady says on Saturday Night Live). They don't block nipples, etc. in Europe. What's the big deal? Perhaps as a gay person, I just don't get it. Same thing over Janet Jackson exposing her nipple during the Super Bowl. What's that all about? I guess that goes with being gay--you don't get a lot of stuff, but then it seems absurd that they much such a fuss. Still, it feel like you're on the outside looking in, at time. But it doesn't bother me. I am who I am, though it took a while to figure me out. ("To thine ownself be true.")

The doctor is the cutest person in the program, BTW. (The guy, that is.)

Had Steak House Soup and dolphin fingers at Flanigan's tonight. Hadn't been there in a while. Took some of the fish home. Excellent. Cleaned up the kitchen later. Going to fix yellow squash tomorrow and go shopping for more food for the coming week.

It's weird when they show the "amazing" new breasts--without nipples.

New show. Now a kitchen remodel is "stealing a year of our lives" (the cute doctor says). I can sympathize. And I don't have fluted (or unfluted) Greek columns in my kitchen.

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