Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday night

Didn't have much trouble getting up this morning. In fact, I was up an hour early and went back to sleep. Maybe my taking melatonin again helped. I take two 300 mcg at night, along with 530 mg of stinky Valerian Root.

The vet called me this afternoon at work with the results of Bootsy's blood test. She could tell by the kidney function that he's more like 12 years old, rather than 7 or 8. (I'd thought 7-8 was unrealistic.) His kidney function is OK. She said if he lost some weight, however, there would be less stress on the kidneys. So tonight I went to the store and bought a bag of Purina Healthy Weight Formula and a bag of Urinary Tract Health Formula, along with a load of Friskies Special Diet canned food that's formulated to maintain a healthy urinary tract. (I buy some of that as it is.) I put a bowl of each of the dry foods down, and Bootsy seemed to like them both.

Lucky gets a bowl of regular food up on the bar, which is inaccessible to Bootsy. Lucky's actually more into the canned food than Bootsy is, and he's just going to have to deal with it. Tomorrow morning I'm putting down only one can of food, vs. two, and will make sure there's enough dry food for them to eat during the day (there always is--but they don't eat it).

Anthony Bourdain is in Viet Nam tonight. He loves the place and is considering buying a home there. Nice show.

P.S. Both the chicken dishes I made last night turned out to be very good today at work (the gumbo especially gets better in the fridge overnight, and the chicken breast was just the right tenderness and moistness. [And usually I make the gumbo with thighs.] I did well on that, even though I cheated by using frozen chopped green peppers and onions. But I'd lost an hour of preparation time yesterday due to Daylight Saving Time.). Will eat these dishes again tomorrow.

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