Monday, March 23, 2009


The chicken's in the oven and the chili's on the stove.

Was over at Starbucks earlier. Had two cups of coffee and an egg salad sandwich, the crusts of which I shared with the sparrows. I was reading about the gay Greek poet C. P. Cavafy and also a short story by Tessa Hadley.

I have to go to the store but will wait till 9:00. Then do some laundry after that.

Enjoyed my day off, as nerve-wracking as it was earlier. The vet's bill was $106. That's another nerve-wracking aspect to it: wondering how much it's going to cost, and you know it's going to be over $100 nowadays.

[Later] Back from the store and the laundry's in the washers. Chicken and chili turned out great. Shared some white meat with Bootsy (no BBQ sauce for him). I bake it in a slow oven and it comes out tender. This was that 79 cents/lb. whole chicken. Such a deal!

Checked the mail. Today I got a form letter from Home Depot asking me to participate in an online survey regarding my kitchen installation. I can't wait to take it. Boy are they going to get an earful! (They're not even finished here yet.) I think I first talked to the Home Depot kitchen designer last April to have her prepare estimates (I could look it up). I know I signed the contract at the beginning of May.

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