Monday, March 30, 2009

Cats at play, and MORE

The cats are playing together in and around the pillow box again. I'm glad I took Bootsy to the vet. He's feeling a lot better.

Been watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow tonight. Regarding torture, the Spanish, of all people, should know that it doesn't work, after their religious "Inquisition." The Catholic Church a long time ago acknowledged that confessions obtained through torture aren't valid.

I was always proud of the U.S. that we didn't do that, but then we did.

Here's a segment from Keith Olbermann's show tonight. The point is that when we started waterboarding one of the high-level "combatants," he gave false information. Before the torture started, he'd been cooperative. The government checked out all the information he'd given under torture, and it was false. Nothing to protect our country was gained by torture.

Now the Spanish government is preparing a lawsuit against some people in the Bush administration, including the Attorney General and Cheney's chief of staff. More power to them.

Dick Cheney meanwhile has been rearing his ugly head to say that the Bush Administration torture policies worked, when they apparently didn't. And it's been known for centuries that torture doesn't work to produce truthful information. How on Earth could it?

Our whole legal system in the U.S. is based on arriving at the truth, and it doesn't admit evidence arrived at through coercive means. Torture doesn't work and thus isn't allowed in our system of justice. Dick Cheney, in facilitating it, is un-American and probably a criminal. I hope he gets his due someday.

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