Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday night

Watching "Royal Inquest," a new show on TLC. It borders on the sensational. I must have forgotten that someone tried to kidnap Princess Anne in 1974, but I do remember that someone got into Queen Elizabeth's bedroom (that was in 1982). ("The Queen and Prince Philip do sleep together, despite what everyone says." But he had a cold at the time and a very early appointment that morning.) (The Queen offered the guy a cigarette, which was an excuse for her to leave the room to go get them in the "pantry," where she apparently would smoke.) (The Queen didn't press charges, and the guy was charged with stealing a $5.40 bottle of wine.)

No "Desperate Housewives" for a while. That's fine, since it tyrannizes my Sunday nights.

Gave Bootsy his ear treatment earlier. He was very good. Wrapped him up in the beach towel first. I'd noticed last night and today that his ears were getting sensitive again. He's fine now.

Tonight I made the yellow squash with maybe half a cup of onion sauteed first in butter. Two pounds, cut up, filled my large skillet; it cooked down to about than 3 cups. But it's very tasty. I steam it in the skillet and then boil all the liquid out of it. Seasoned with salt and a generous amount of white pepper. I'll take that to work tomorrow.

The HGTV show "Renovation Realities" is hilarious. Watching that now. Two Lesbians are destroying their house. They really shouldn't be putting liquor in their coffee. (The show is a vehicle for

Bought $80+ worth of groceries at the store today, including two corned beef flat cuts that were on sale for $2.99/lb. (I'd missed having corned beef on St. Patrick's Day, which happens to be my birthday, and I love corned beef.) Also bought Boca Burgers to counterbalance the cholesterol in the corned beef. I love Boca Burgers too, with mustard. Haven't had them in a while. (But I have lots of good cholesterol in my blood, the doctor says, which cancels out the bad.) (We'll see how the latest results turn out. Blood was drawn on Friday.)

Got a lot of rest this weekend. Dealt with my feelings of isolation. (At least I'm not in solitary confinement.)

"The Stagers" are on now. I think I've seen all the shows. Are they going to make new ones?! I hope so.

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m'sean said...

poor baby we're here and reading you, you are not ALONE.....