Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday night

Not a lot to report. Was at the gym earlier. Now playing fetch with Lucky, with a plush feather ball that he chewed all the feathers off of. Wrote emails tonight.

Rush Limbaugh challenges Obama to a debate (what a joke!) (watching Chris Matthews). Rush Limbaugh was not elected by anybody. See here.

Regarding earmarks in Congress ("pork"), I don't see a big problem with it so long as it doesn't get out of hand (and they aren't "wasteful"). We do elect our people in Congress to help us by enhancing our communities. These projects also provide work.

Yesterday when I came home, I was told when I got into the lobby (and later over the PA in the apartments) that the water pump blew up or something and we wouldn't have any water till after noon today. I was thinking maybe I should rush out to Publix and get water and ice. But when I got up to the apartment, the water was flowing, albeit a bit slowly. I wasn't inconvenienced. Didn't wash my hair this morning or get too lathered up. When I got home tonight, the water was back to normal.

If you like jazz, you might be interested in this (from Rudresh Mahanthappa). Jazz with a South Indian twist.

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