Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday night

Watching a "Frontline" show on how the Bush Administration destroyed the economy over the past eight years and went from a budget surplus to a trillion-dollar-plus deficit.

Didn't watch Obama's news conference but will do so later or tomorrow.

Health care reform appears to be the most crucial agendum--reducing the rate of growth of health care costs.

Tonight I marinated the rest of the cubed steaks in mojo (which contains citrus juices, garlic and vinegar, among other things), sweet vermouth, soy sauce, ground ginger, ground cumin, powdered mustard, and a little curry powder. I'll grill these on the Foreman Grill in a day or two. Meanwhile I cleaned the grill tonight.

Bootsy seems to be feeling great. I haven't treated him yet (pills and ear ointment). I wanted him to get over yesterday's trauma. Seems like an eternity ago, and it was only yesterday. (My mind has thusly buried the trauma--as I said, I think I suffer worse than the cats do when I have to take them to the vet. That may be because sometimes I have to take them and they don't come home.)

Watching Chris Matthews' take on Obama's press conference.

Busy day at work but I was glad to be back. Took a nap afterwards and then had a tea at Starbucks, while reading about Sen. Burris from Illinois.

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