Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday night

Now for the boring stuff.

After work I drove up to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a new pillow. I think it's what I need. (I even took a good nap on it.) It's a Sleep Health Centers "Proper Positioning Pillow," made out of temperature sensitive memory foam. The best thing about it is that it was marked down 25% from $79.99 and then I got another 20% off with a coupon that was over a year old. (They take any and all expired coupons.) It also came with a sleep mask. I just bought a new one not long ago and thought I'd give this one to B. (It's a pretty nice one.)

I tried calling B. tonight at his workplace but he wasn't there. (He usually works on Thursday night these days.) I wanted to tell him about Bootsy's check-up. (Bootsy is his cat.)

Anyway, I took a little nap on the new pillow with the cats and then walked over to Starbucks for a tea. Was reading an article about the writer David Foster Wallace, who hanged himself last September at the age of 46. He'd battled depression for years and was off medicine at the time. I can sympathize, since my mother had become bipolar (then it was called "manic depressive") later in life and was in and out of hospitals (and receiving all kinds of treatments, including drugs and shock therapy) until the day she died, at age 59. The night before she died, she was having auditory hallucinations (hearing voices). (I was living with her at the time and found her body.) She died of an arrhythmia (an autopsy found)*, but the night before she died she said to close all the blinds since somebody was coming to kill us. It was very strange and unsettling.

Mental illness is horrible. And it's almost just as horrible (at times, at least) for the loved ones. My mother would turn on me in her manic phase and even threatened to hit me with a baseball bat. (I then moved out of the house, before eventually moving back in.)

I think Bootsy has a cold. He's been in the bed since the nap at 8:00, and it's already 12:23 now. (Usually he comes around.) I've been checking in on him and he seems content, however, notwithstanding the cold.

*She was overweight and had fat in the conduction system of her heart.

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