Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday night

Wow. Big news day and lots of good blog posts and other material out there. I only scratched the surface.

Today was a big cat day, too. I administered Bootsy's ear ointment (EnteDerm). I have to do this twice a week now for the rest of Bootsy's life.

The ointment comes in a tube with a long, narrow tip that you have to insert into the ear canal. It's very difficult to see where the ear canal begins (the inside of Bootsy's ears are dark to begin with), but I tried to remember what the vet showed me on Monday when she administered the ointment. Tonight I put Bootsy up on the new kitchen counter beneath the bright recessed lights and wrapped him up in a beach towel, so he couldn't get away. He behaved very well. He was kind of resigned to what was going to happen. I was pretty successful in locating the entrance to the ear canal (it is kind of baffling in there). Of course Bootsy didn't like it when I stuck the tip into the canal (in both ears), but I got it done fairly quickly and released him from the towel and he quickly left the scene. He didn't hold it against me later, however.

I've been reading on the Internet about problems with cats' ears. I wish they had eardrops that you could squirt inside and that would then seep down the ear canal, but so far I haven't found anything like that. The vet didn't offer anything like that either (even though I'd told her at the previous visit that I'd be interested in a medicine that is more easily administered than an ointment that you have to insert into the ear canal). (You would think the pet drug companies would invent something like that, but then they'd charge a fortune for it to cover their marketing programs, executive bonuses, and golden parachutes.) (Just kidding.)

Whatever. It's no big deal. Bootsy knows his ears are a problem and didn't put up much of a fight. I'm sure he'd rather have me do this than being transported to the vet, which upsets him no end.

Looking forward to a normal weekend. It's been very busy at work, and now of course we're short one body. Also looking forward to meeting with old friends for lunch next Wednesday.

P.S. By the way, I do not smoke marijuana or do illegal drugs.

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