Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday night

I had to turn off Chris Matthews and go back to HGTV. Pat Buchanan was on (as he often is). Enough said about that. (I could go on--- and apparently I am.) They were talking about Obama in Latin America (see previous post). Buchanan was insisting Bush/Cheney could have done a better job. Actually they did nothing for eight years except perhaps make Latin America more radical and antagonistic to the U.S. by ignoring them and putting them down (and perhaps trying to depose or assassinate Hugo Chavez). And I have no love for Hugo Chavez. But you deal with the real world, just as Nixon did in China. Diplomacy goes a long way. It can mean the difference between war and peace. The Bush Administration had no use for diplomacy. The Bush Administration preferred war. And how many American soldiers have died in Iraq (which had nothing to do with 9/11)? Over 4000? And how many more Iraqis were killed or displaced? That's Bush's legacy--sad to say.

This morning I was worried about Lucky. He wouldn't come to eat. When I put him up on the counter at his plate, he ran off to the bedroom. He stood at the threshold and when I tried to pick him up, he ran under the bed, all frizzed up. This happened a couple of times. And he didn't come into the bathroom when I took my shower to watch the water, but just stood at the threshold. I thought maybe Bootsy had been bullying him, but I don't think so. Maybe I kicked him out of the bed last night. Maybe he had a nightmare. But when I got home after work, he and Bootsy greeted me at the door like nothing was the matter. I was relieved about that.

Big rain storm here late in the day with a cold front coming through. Had a good nap while it was raining. I know it's good when I wake up and think I have to get ready for work. And then I'm happy that I don't (not that I don't love going to work, but not when I don't have to). I was glad to get over to Starbucks for a tea and read some of last week's New Yorker.

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