Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday night

For Staff Appreciation Day at work, we received $50 gift cards from Target. Tonight I went out and bought a new shower curtain and liner and also a hand-held shower massage for the shower stall in the master bath. This will make giving Bootsy a bath much easier. (I'd been using a hand-pumped garden sprayer to clean Lucy's ears.) I bathe the cats in the shower since it has a door and they can't escape.

I rarely bathe cats, unless they have fleas. (Unlike dogs and ferrets, e.g., they don't have an unpleasant odor.) But Bootsy needs some help with his grooming these days. The vet said his weight makes it more difficult for him. The cats don't have fleas here since they don't go outside except on the terrace. But they do venture out into the hall sometimes, and dogs walk through there. (Bootsy got a flea once and we killed it.)

The new Target stuff is installed. It kind of made my day. (It doesn't take much.) I hauled the old curtain and liner down to the dumpster. The liner was clouding up and the curtain had seen better days (both were old). Now Lucky will enjoy watching the splashing water through the new, crystal-clear liner while I shower. (The curtain is a cotton waffle weave, same as I had before. I shrunk the last one when I washed it.) (I'll use cold water next time and let it air-dry on the terrace.)

I got a kick out of Lady Gaga liking Rainer Maria Rilke. He's one of my favorites and I studied him exclusively for one quarter during college for my honors work and wrote a paper.

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