Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday night

"Desperate Housewives" not very good. Bootsy got his ear treatment. I need to get some more of that ointment. Maybe the vet will mail it to me and I'll pay the postage. I can also buy it online but need the prescription.

Bootsy woke me up again this morning--after I'd stayed up so late last night--but I went back to sleep after feeding the cats and then didn't sleep well. Next weekend I'm going to shut the cats out of the bedroom. (Lucky, who does nothing wrong, will take it personally, as will Bootsy, who is the offender. I always have plenty of food sitting out for the cats. )

I'm giving Bootsy a bath on Thursday night before I treat his ears. I would have done it tonight, but he was sleeping soundly at the time I wanted to do it and didn't want to traumatize him. (And he was going to be submitted to the ear treatments later.)

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