Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday night II - Food Edition

(I think Bob's "visitation" deserves its own post.)

I was supposed to go to the doctor's at the end of the day today, but while I was sitting on the bus on the way there, someone from the doctor's office called on my cell phone to cancel the appointment. (They were running two hours behind on their appointments.) My doctor's office is on South Beach. Fortunately I was able to get off the bus before it got onto the causeway. It was too late to go back to work, so I took another bus home. What a waste of time, but it was better than waiting in the doctor's office for two hours.

Tonight I made my fabulous Salmon Loaf. It's cooling now. (Yes, it looks like that.) I used to make salmon croquettes, but that got to be too much trouble. The loaf is made of the same stuff that goes inside the croquettes--only it's baked vs. fried in "bound breading." Fewer calories and a lot less trouble. The ingredients for one loaf just fit inside my food processor. No slicing, no dicing. Plus the salmon comes out of a can and is perfectly good. (And the cats like the juice.) Also I use Hungry Jack instant mashed potatoes (the best) as the filler, and concoct that recipe (4 servings) right in the food processor bowl (i.e., without preparing the mashed potatoes beforehand and then adding them to the food processor). I also use 2% evaporated canned milk (and don't dilute it), for extra richness. Easy but divine. I wouldn't hesitate to serve this to anyone (including "Bob," who was a good cook and threw a lot of nice dinner parties back in the day). The salmon loaf is more of a brunch food, however, and it's good hot or cold. (But today I had it for breakfast, cold, and also for dinner, also cold.)

What's with this silly Republican "tea party" hype? It's certainly no "grass roots" movement, as they're hyping it. It reminds me of Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America." As if we all wanted that. And we didn't. And it and Newt Gingrich were repudiated. But Newt is trying to creep back onto the scene, as if people want to see him back. Good luck.

Newt aligns himself with the "Christian" base of his party while he's out having an affair when his wife is in the hospital with cancer? What a hypocrite. So he's on his third marriage now? What's with right-wing "family values"?

I think Obama sets a much better example for "family values." But I digress.

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