Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday night

Back from the doctor's. I'm fine. I'm a dutiful patient.

Glad to see there's a new episode of "The Stagers" on tonight. I think I've seen all the old episodes four times already. I especially enjoy watching Matthew Finlason. I'm glad they renewed the show. It deserved a chance.

Off for a tea. No time for a nap tonight.

[Later] "The Stagers" was the best ever, I thought. With Matthew and Rukiya. They were staging a condo like this one (mine's a little larger but doesn't have such an expanse of outdoor space, which they staged artfully).

Changing the subject--it would be interesting to see the evidence that Dick Cheney insists shows that torture worked. Someone high up in the U.S. intelligence communitycame out and said today, however, that whatever information they gained through torture didn't prevent any terrorist attacks against the U.S., and that it wasn't worth the damage we incurred on account of the bad publicity over our torture practices (see photos of Abu Ghraib, etc.). The publicity only served as a recruitment tool for terrorist organizations and made our enemies even more dangerous to our country than they had been before. Thank you, George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Any which way you slice it, torture doesn't work. Aside from that, torturing is illegal under international and U.S. law. As someone on one of the shows pointed out tonight, after the war crimes trials that took place following World War II, some Japanese were executed for waterboarding. And the U.S. was a full participant in those trials.

Good night!

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