Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday morning

Cats got me up this morning. Bootsy, actually. He's the whiner and complainer--very vocal. They had food, but I fed them some more, and also cleaned out the cat box, which did need cleaning. I'm going back to bed, however.

I really have to finish off the kitchen (some sanding, painting and doing the backsplashes). I just lost my steam (but I'll get it back). Home Depot is not even done yet and I want them out of the picture. They still have to inspect the plumbing and then do a final inspection. This has been dragging on for almost a year now. I signed the contract with them on May 4. This was after I'd got estimates in April.

I really hope Congress cracks down on the greedy credit card companies. Once again, the banks are engaging in predatory lending practices. (It's interesting to me, at least, that they're defiantly doing it under Obama's nose--pushing the envelope--and Obama has called them out on it. Obama's definitely on top of things.)

It seems all the banks care about is coddling their executives in New York City. Maybe they should move these banks out of New York City to a cheaper place. Move them to Tennessee (the way the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan set up its plant there to avoid the labor costs of Detroit).

In Tennessee, the bank executives can have a nice piece of land and a large mansion with a nice view of the countryside, and also be able to afford a cute cabin in the mountains somewhere by a babbling brook. Who needs a mansion in the Hamptons, really?

Living in a silo on Park Avenue is so passé. Get a real life!

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