Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday night

Took the melatonin. I shouldn't be writing (or driving, but I'm not driving), but I'd rather be writing than watching Tom DeLay on Chris Matthews talking about Texas seceding from the union. How silly.

Now that the American people have kicked the Republicans out of power, the Republicans are flailing around in desperation, trying to get attention and seem relevant (see also teabagging). What a spectacle.

Alas, the party of ideas that have wrecked the country financially and created the greatest disparity in wealth since the Gilded Age of the robber barons (before there were labor laws, etc.), and now they're talking about geographically rending the country asunder. Really good stuff. The American people must be looking on in wonderment. (Meanwhile they're behind Obama.)


It really rankles that bailed-out banks are now intensifying their exploitation of the middle-class consumer by increasing interest rates on credit cards. They're actually breaking contracts, but all they say about that is that you can pay off your credit card in full if you don't agree to their new policy and don't want to be subject to their new rates. (The new rates apply not only to new purchases but past balances as well.)

I'm glad Congress is on top of this. Go to Consumers Union to protest. This usury has got to stop. It's killing the middle class and only distributing more of our wealth upward to the already wealthiest people in our society since the lawless Gilded Age.

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