Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wall Street Journal Commenters Think $250K a Year Isn’t Taxworthy

"So you make $260K? That's not rich. That's average, according to your Wall Street Journal commenters." From Firedoglake here.

The Wall Street Journal defends the wealthy against the possibility of increased taxes:

It is a tricky situation in which some Americans find themselves after a long boom: They are by no means struggling, compared with the 98% of Americans who make far less, but depending on where they live and the lifestyle choices they have made, they don't necessarily feel rich, either. Worse, in their view, they are facing the same tax rates as those making millions. Some of the expenses are self-inflicted -- like private-school costs and conspicuous consumption. Others, though, are unavoidable, like child-care costs, larger health-care deductibles and education expenses, especially college.

So, the other 96% of the population don’t have child-care costs, larger health care deductibles and education expenses, especially college? What kind of fool (Gary Fields) would write this? Even worse, what kind of fool could miss the stupidity? Why, that would be Wall Street Journal commenters. . . .

After years of Republican lower taxes and regulation, is the prospect of having to pay for the binge too much to bear? . . .

It is amazing that so many of these people, who are willing to pay $100 per year to read the WSJ on-line, seem woefully ignorant about how the world functions. Many of them don’t seem to understand the way marginal taxation works. There are several threads where people have to explain again and again that the 3% rise Obama wants will mean a $300 increase for the Sevierville, TN optometrist who serves as the example in the article. . . .

Many see taxes as punishment for success, and ask how a progressive income tax can be morally justified. They seem to have no idea that the infrastructure and social stability that gives them the possibility of success came from taxes paid by other people, including their ancestors. Some are angry about all the people who don’t pay federal income taxes. They don’t seem to realize that every worker pays Social Security and Medicare taxes, and that these go into the general fund. Where the heck do they think the money comes from, or goes to?

Angry, bone ignorant and selfish: a picture of your teabagging Republican Party.

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