Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday evening/night

Watching "60 Minutes." So "cold fusion" does work? View video segment here.

A new "Desperate Housewives" is on tonight. Looks like it might be boring -- everyone reminiscing about Edie. Made out of clips from old shows? I want to know what's going to happen with the criminally insane husband. Meanwhile read here about Nicolette Sheridan's exit from the show (juicy!).

Made chili and am making Italian meat sauce now. Lots of it. I think I'll end up freezing some. It's very thick, with 2 3/4 lbs. ground beef (so high protein).

"Desperate Housewives" was OK. No old clips. I guess we'll find out more about the husband next week. The vignette about Edie and Gaby was silly. At some point in the past, when they were both divorced, they got all dressed up and went out together to a singles bar, where they competed to see who was bought the most drinks in an hour. Whoever had the most plastic stirs at the end of the hour won. Edie must have produced at least 10 stirs, and Gaby quite a few more. And they weren't even tipsy. (I'd like to see anybody drink at least 10 drinks in an hour and not be passed out on the floor, if not dead from alcohol poisoning.) Then they went home and drank a bottle of wine! That was pretty far-fetched.

I thought it was also hokey that the housewives would be the ones to tell Edie's son about her death. Certainly the father would have told the son, even by phone if he was overseas on business when she died. On top of that, they've brought Edie's remains along with them (in an urn) to hand over to the unwitting boy. Aside from being grotesque, it sounds kind of traumatizing to me.

The ending was nice, however.

The spaghetti sauce turned out good. I had some with a little vermicelli, topped with Romano cheese. I'll take some of that to work. Chili turned out the same as usual (also good).

So I was busy tonight. I also treated Bootsy's ears, put dishes away, reloaded dishwasher, cleaned out the cat box, etc. Yesterday I vacuumed the tile floors a bit. I've decided to get some help with the housecleaning (primarily the floors). B.'s parents used to come and clean periodically.

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