Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday night

Was under the weather today. I think I need a vacation, but I have no one to go with. I haven't taken any vacation in two years, and that was just a long weekend visiting my father upstate. B. and I flew up to Tampa and back. (Father lives an hour north of there.)

Didn't feel like giving Bootsy a bath tonight, but he got his ears treated.

I heard on Rachel Maddow that only 21% of Americans identify themselves as Republican. That's the lowest percentage in 25 years. Even fewer people "lean Republican" (16%).

Condoleezza Rice admitted to criminal conspiracy? More on that later. (It's coming up on Keith Olbermann.) (She admitted to passing along Bush's authorization to use torture to the CIA. She stressed that she herself didn't authorize torture.) (Now she knows it's wrong?) (She has no moral compass.) (Maybe she's a psychopath.) (I'm not a fan!)

Bill O'Reilly says people could afford health care if they stopped drinking a bottle of gin every day. What an asshole!

So Miss California had a boob job and is now the new anti-gay spokeswoman? (Michael Musto of The Village Voice said she needs a brain implant.) See Digby here.

("Well at least it's a fruit pie.")

I lived through that mess here in Miami-Dade County and have a few battle scars.

Tonight I called up the partner of my friend who passed away. Left a message. He didn't talk to me (or supposedly anyone else) when I called after my friend's death.

I did manage to do a little cleaning today (some floors). I'm about ready to enlist the help of the housekeeping people, but the place has to be semi-clean first. I'm not a horrible slob, just somewhat cleaning-challenged, with a little clutter (not a lot). Nothing like this:


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