Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday night

Almost Friday, T G.

When I was a kid, a kid older and bigger than me (a bully) held me under the water in a swimming pool until I almost drowned.* I'll never forget it as long a I live. It was torture. (I still remember the kid's name but I won't reveal it, of course (Arturo O.--you know who you are!).) He didn't do it again. It turned out to be not as funny as he thought it might (not even).

*It happened at the Palm Bay Club, or its predecessor, the Emerald Bay Yacht Club, where I learned how to sail in 8-foot prams. (I also attended Summer Sailing Camp at the Miami Yacht Club, where one summer I led our team to victory in the grand finale Treasure Hunt. We all ended up on the Flagler Monument Island for a barbecue.)

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