Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday night

Back from the gym and the store. (The Ben Affleck doppelganger was at the gym.) Just needed some cat food at the store. Gained back the 5 lbs. No surprise, with all the holiday goodies sitting around our office, of which I gladly partake.

Got an H1N1 flu shot today. Feel fine.

Watching Anderson Cooper. No importation of pharmaceuticals for us. (The drug companies have spent over $20 million so far this year on lobbying.)

Had an email from my cousin the librarian today. (She had received my gift.) She wrote: "I hope you are up (psychologically) and well and getting into the spirit." I told her for the most part I was doing "OK." (She also gets bogged down during this time.) She's taking two weeks off starting this Friday and going on a vacation.

Since I missed Rachel Maddow while I was at the gym, I'll check it out at 11:00. (Olbermann was insufferably bombastic.) Rachel is fine.

Enough. On to HGTV.

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