Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday night

Caught the bus at 3-something to the mall. Took a while to get up there -- traffic was bad. But I had plenty of time to eat at Johnny Rockets, across from the theaters, before the movie started at 5:20. Had a patty melt and a strawberry malt (then got a hot dog and an Icee in the theater). The patty melt was good if a bit messy. (The hot dogs in the theater are excellent.) Strawberry malt was a real treat. At 5:20 we were told to put on our 3D glasses and then we had to sit through at least 10 minutes of 3D movie trailers before "Avatar" started.

I really liked the movie, and the 3D was fantastic. I don't think I'd ever seen a 3D movie before, though they've been around forever. I ducked a couple of times when I had the sensation something was flying toward me. I liked this movie better than "Titanic," Cameron's last blockbuster. (I loved "Aliens" and thought "Terminator" was good.)

Movie was over at around 8:30 and I was back home before 9:30. Took a magazine with me to read on the bus. Reading an article on the architect Zaha Hadid. New Yorker slide show here.

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