Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Just spent an hour tidying up. An old friend from the '70s (Tallahassee) is in town from Denver. I'll call him "Paul." He's driving over from Miami Lakes and we're going out to dinner up the road. He's never been to my place. Now I have to clean me up.

[Later] Got back a little after 9:00 p.m. Paul got here promptly at 4:00 and I showed him around my place. As it was threatening rain, Paul drove us up to TGI Friday's. (He's renting a red Kia Soul.) (Cool.) We sat outside under an overhang and had steak dinners. My treat. The clouds rolled in and it sprinkled a bit, then began to cool down. Paul suggested we drive down to Wynwood to take in one of the many art shows coinciding (though not by coincidence) with Art Basel. I'd never been to Wynwood since it's been redeveloped (nor had Paul). (Paul is also a native and returns yearly.) We stopped by my place for me to grab a jacket and then headed down U.S. 1.

By the time we got to Wynwood, the sun had set. But from what I could see, the developers have done a fantastic job. (Since I can remember, the property had been some kind of a railroad yard.) Anyway, Paul found a parking space and then we walked to a new Target, where I got a coffee at Starbucks. Next we set out to find the Red Dot Art Fair. Paul had a map he'd got yesterday at Art Basel on the Beach, which at best pointed us in the right direction. (We knew we were getting close when we saw a woman coming up the sidewalk with some kind of sculpture in her hair.)

We spent about an hour walking through the show, which was set up in a temporary tent-like building. Afterwards we drove up to Magnum where we had one of their strong cocktails, then Paul drove me home.

Had a great time. (I really need to get out more.)

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