Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday night

Back from the gym after a brief nap. I was going to break down and get fried chicken at Publix after the gym, but they had no 8-piece boxes (2 breasts, 2 wings, etc.), only one box of drumsticks and thighs. (I was in the mood for white meat.) Just as well. Picked up a little container of chopped chicken liver. Had never bought that at Publix before. It was good (it's made in Brooklyn). Had some on rye melba toast.

Last night I paid down my main credit card from my checking account, but today the transaction is still "pending" on the credit card. This afternoon I called up the bank about that. They said it would post tonight, but it still hasn't posted. That pisses me off. (The money has already been debited from my checking account.) At first, the guy at the bank misunderstood me. He thought I was transferring money from my credit card to my checking account and said that would take a week (?). He acted kind of surprised I was paying the credit card off.

Sent letter off today to magazine.

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