Sunday, December 06, 2009

Calling The Shots

From Digby here.

Yesterday I wondered whether the president would come up to Capitol Hill today and finally lay down his own bottom line on health care reform, which Democratic Senators were insisting he needed to do to break the logjam.

Harry Reid just emerged from the meeting and said this about the Pubic Option:

Q: Senator Lieberman said that the president didn't mention the public option. Is that true and do you think that that's significant?

Reid: The President didn't say a lot of things. Senator Lieberman said that to me after the meeting also. But that doesn't mean it's not an issue just because the president [didn't] talk about it.
If anyone's still wondering where the president stands on this, he stands where he always stood. On the side. Either he doesn't give a damn or he doesn't want it, you choose.

Senator Lieberman, on the other hand, clearly wants nothing other than to stick it to the liberals. That is why he's against the PO. And he wants everyone to know that. He's a vindictive, nasty piece of work and he doesn't care about his reputation, his legacy, his relationships or the future of the country. It's all about him. And the president and the majority leader seem to think, as always, that it's better to appease Holy Joe and let him win.

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