Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday evening

Washed Bootsy. He cries incessantly the whole time I have him in the shower stall (from which he can't escape), and Lucky stands right outside the shower door, looking in. Then I towel Bootsy off in the bathroom with door closed (so he can't escape), then blow-dry him as best I can, using a styling brush. He mostly complains about that too. Then he spends the next few hours finishing drying himself off with his tongue.

Otherwise a lazy day. Last night I made vegetable beef soup with stew beef and the minestrone soup mix. Today I ate cottage cheese on melba toast, a hamburger and some microwaved mixed vegetables.

[Later] Got cleaned up and went grocery shopping. ("60 Minutes" sounded boring tonight, so skipped it.) Then I made a load of chicken salad with that Publix rotisserie chicken I'd bought earlier in the week. Almost the entire chicken was left over. (That was my plan.) While making chicken salad is not that much trouble, I'd rather make it in bulk, as it entails a lot of chopping. I used two stalks of celery tonight.
Had a Stouffer's fried fish fillet with macaroni and cheese for dinner.

For all the build-up to this episode, "Desperate Housewives" was just OK. Gaby and Linette's spatting was tedious, ridiculous and not believable, as was the spatting between the husband and wife piloting the airplane that landed in Wisteria Lane. And why was the plane sputtering? I know nothing about airplanes but surely it would have had enough fuel for the flight.

Much of the episode seemed contrived. The best part, I thought, was Katherine's performance as she was cracking up. (Good twist that she'd told her daughter she was married to Mike. Then we knew she was truly psychotic and not just "devious.") Susan also did a good job when she went to the hospital to confront Katherine about what she'd done (stabbed herself), and afterward when Katherine was about to lose it. It was sad.

(If Katherine stabbed herself in the gut, as was revealed, I'd think she'd have had more serious problems to boast about than just the seven stitches she mentioned.)

Well, the nurse who was blackmailing the New York couple got whacked all right (by the wing of the airplane).

So, did anyone (Orson or Karl) get killed in Santa's shack? We just saw a bloody hand sticking out of the rubble.

By the way, after Bootsy's ordeal in the shower, Lucky went and took a nap by him.

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