Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday night

Just got back from gym and store. I'd lost at least 5 lbs. in a week, which I'll attribute to cutting back on the roast beef hash and eating a lot of fat-free cottage cheese on melba toast. (Bought more of that at the store for this week.)

Just removed a 3.29-lb. sirloin tip roast from the oven and letting it stand. I'll have some for dinner with mixed vegetables.

Waiting for "60 Minutes" to come on.

[Later] Had long talk tonight with my friend in STL/FTL. His BF has been declared in Federal court to be incompetent and permanently disabled (due to schizophrenia), cannot go back to work at his job, and has been awarded Social Security and Medicare (he's 43), retroactive to a few years ago. The Fla. family court wants my friend to become his guardian. (He will already become his trustee.) What a mess. Sorry to hear that news. The BF wanted to go back to work and I was hoping he would have been able to. (I know him, as well.)

Didn't hear back from my friend in Canada. Maybe he's snowed in somewhere.

("60 Minutes" was good, by the way.)

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