Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday night

Got a Christmas card today from B.'s mother, with "Love" from her, her long-time live-in boyfriend, and B. (She's still married to B.'s father.) I wonder if B. knows about it. She put her new address on the envelope, so I guess I'll send her a card. (Haven't bought cards yet.) B.'s mother moved him out of here and into the arms of a sociopath, telling me shortly afterward that he was "so happy." She's so naive. It's interesting that she wants to keep in touch and include B. in her greeting to me, with "Love."

Last night I stubbed the heck out of my right foot, one toe in particular, but the top of my foot is swollen and bruised. I've been barely able to walk. Today I called in sick but will go back to work tomorrow. It should be better by then. (I won't be walking my mile tomorrow.) It may sound funny but it hurts like hell. (I have to be more careful before heading off to bed after turning the lights out.)

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