Sunday, December 06, 2009

Saturday night late

I checked my bank accounts when I got up today (i.e., Saturday), and the transfer of funds to my credit card account had posted. The balance was now almost nothing. Was glad to see that. Considering the way the credit card companies have been trying to screw everyone over, I was getting paranoid. (The "plutonomy" people are trying to enrich themselves at the expense of the middle class and, in the process, to enslave it.) (They want it all -- "the creation of wealth is the principal goal.") (See here and here too.) This was good ("Cash is king for holiday shoppers" [on Black Friday]).

I really enjoyed my outing today with Paul. I hadn't seen him in probably well over 15 years. He looks pretty much the same.

As for the Red Dot Art Fair, I'm glad I went. There was a wide variety of pieces on exhibit (for sale). All different mediums and styles. I think my favorite was a brass sculpture of a raven (mainly the head) with long stringy black hair (a real dust collector) (would have to be sealed in an air-tight lucite box). I liked a few of the paintings, too.

Was glad to visit the newly developed area that was once a polluted "brownfield" property. Very nice.

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