Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday night

Was at gym and store till around 7:00. Waiting for "60 Minutes" to come on.

Finally it's on, 52 minutes late after a football game. California is dysfunctional now. Their constitution has to be changed. (I've blogged on this already.) Their Propositions, etc., have gotten them in a heap of trouble.

One more hurdle and the holidays will be over: New Year's. We have Friday off at work. (Andy Rooney doesn't like New Year's either.)

[Later] Been watching "Clean House."

Two years ago on New Year's Eve, B. was all dressed up and going to a party down by the pool after midnight. (I hadn't been invited and wouldn't have gone anyway--way too loud.) I remember B. and me standing out on the terrace overlooking the pool, having a glass of champagne, and B.'s psychopathic-looking current BF staring up at us. (So they were rendezvousing under my nose.)

Boy, I can't wait till the holidays are over. Too many bad memories.

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