Saturday, December 26, 2009

Miracle of Christmas Past

It's miraculous how, with Christmas behind me now, today I returned to "normal," sweeping the terrace, watering plants, cooking (I hadn't cooked anything in days). Tonight I'm doing a roast and made chili.

Went to see the movie "It's Complicated." I found it disappointing on the whole but some parts were very funny, some moving. I loved watching Alec Baldwin. Went to the Intracoastal Cinema in Eastern Shores and caught the 7:35 showing. The theater was mobbed but I managed to get a good seat (easier when you're by yourself). Got there early to buy ticket and then had a loaded slice of pizza a few doors down from the theater while reading a magazine. Then got in a long line (which eventually extended past the pizza joint) I was really surprised, but glad I'd bought my ticket earlier.

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