Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wednesday night

Was at gym tonight after a brief nap. Weighed 169 lbs.

Tried of politics; watching "Man v. Food." Speaking of which, I have to vary my breakfast food. I've been eating a lot of canned roast beef hash, which is high in protein and tasty but also highly caloric and high in saturated fat. I'll get back to eating low-fat cottage cheese on melba toast, and tuna. I used to order a lot of egg-white omelets but I'm trying to save some money. (I drink a V-8 also.)

This guy can eat.

Tiger Woods crash photos here at The Smoking Gun. Florida Highway Patrol final report here.

"Man vs. Food" in L.A. now. One of my favorite sandwiches is the French Dip (roast beef). Said to originate here in L.A. (Philippe's, which also makes them with pork, ham, lamb and turkey). I first had one in the '70s at a hotel restaurant when I lived in Helena, Montana. Haven't had a really good one in years. Had an excellent one maybe 10 years ago in North Miami when I was staying in a Best Western on U.S. 1 while my apartment building was being fumigated for termites. Then I ordered it the next night and it was horrible. (Apparently they had two different cooks.)

Arby's had them for a while -- not bad if you imagined you were eating the real thing. I would add salt and pepper to the au jus and was pretty satisfied. Too bad they discontinued them. (Maybe people didn't understand them if they'd never tasted the real thing.) Quizno's has or had them -- OK, but none of their onion sauce for me. (The sandwich is not supposed to be sweet. It's supposed to be savory.)

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