Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday night

Walked my mile home tonight from the bus stop at Walgreen's. That should counteract some of the holiday bonbons I consumed at work today. (I figured my foot was sufficiently healed -- just one sore toe now.)

Tonight I got a text message saying "Visa service frozen" and giving a number to call. I figured this was a phishing scam. First, I checked my emails and had no messages from my bank or Amazon, where I have Visas. (Nor did I have any phone messages.) Next I checked my bank accounts online and my Visa hadn't been frozen. Then I called the number provided in the text message and got a U.S. government recording, saying the number I called was being used in a phishing scam. It also provided the address of a government website that has information on Internet fraud, etc., here.

The last of my Christmas cards got mailed out today. I bought some stamps at work. They weren't Christmas stamps but they were nice.

Rachel looks nice tonight. (New lipstick?) Starting out with Joe Lieberman obstructing the health care bill.

Chilling with Anthony Bourdain later. Starting out with the Vietnam one. Sad ending. But the reason I like his shows is that he makes me laugh. Indonesia next.

I think the cats sense my subdued funky holiday mood. They're staying away from me. Or maybe they're just full and contented. (Cats are back.)

We're in Sardinia now. This one I haven't seen.

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